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Note: in all this document, HP41C or 41C means any of the 41 series: HP-41C, HP-41CV or HP-41CX.

Emu41/DOS (short Emu41) is a software emulator of the HP41C machine and HP-IL system. Emu41 is a 16-bit DOS program and runs well in a command box under various 32-bit Windows systems (98, 2000, XP, ...).
Emu41 can run on 64-bit OS using a virtual DOS environment (see below).





Main features:

 - FREEWARE: free for non commercial usage, (a short mail with your opinion to the author would be appreciated),

 - emulation of ROM and XMEM modules, compatible with standard ROM image format (.rom, .41r),

 - support for advanced modules: Hepax, MLDL, W&W 64K RAMBOX II (or HP-41CY), 128K Eramco RSU,

 - emulation at machine code level: can execute synthetic programs and micro-code,

 - emulation of the HP-IL system and support of 8 internal virtual HP-IL devices
   (one video display, three mass storage units, one printer port, one DOS interface, two serial COM ports),

 - support of the PIL-Box,

 - HP 95/100/200LX and HP Portable Plus versions,

 - Full source code released.


What's new?

Emu41 documentation (pdf file)

Emu41 2.50 Freeware Package without ROM images - final version, see "What's new?" !

Emu41 2.50 Source Files released under GNU Public Licence

Emu41 2.47 Freeware Package without ROM images - backup version

Emu41 2.40 Freeware Package without ROM images - backup version

Emu41 uses ROM images of HP41C ROM and modules (X-F, Time, ...). You can find ROM images on the great Warren Furlow's HP-41 Website

To help you, you will find here the necessary images of the HP-41CX machine, as well as the HP82143, HP-IL, Advantage and X-I/O modules, ready for use with Emu41. If it happens that the Hewlett-Packard company should be opposed to this, I would immediately remove these files from my site. Don't ask me to provide other HP or third party ROM images.

Emu41 now supports the PC serial COM ports, in order to allow downloading program files from Emu41 to an external HP41 through the HP82164 HPIL/RS232 interface. This document gives some basic information: setup for PC / HP81264 link (pdf).

Running Emu41/DOS on 64-bit Windows systems

Since most bare 64-bit Windows OS versions don't support 16-bit DOS applications anymore, a virtual environment must be used.

DOSBox version 0.74 has been successfully used to run Emu41/DOS on a Win8-64 bit system.

Emu41/DOS and the PIL-Box

Emu41/DOS includes a native support of the PIL-Box, which works "reasonably" well on native DOS, Win98 or Win2K systems.
These systems are now obsolete and Emu41/DOS has to run in a virtual DOS environment on modern 64-bit OS, making this native support no more effective.

I now recommend to use the ILPer software in conjunction with the PIL-Box, as a gateway between Emu41/DOS and a real HP-41C for program/data exchange.
This is done by sharing the same virtual drive HDRIVE1.DAT between Emu41/DOS and ILPer:

Christoph Klug Corner

I provide here some resources from Christoph Klug.

HP 95/100/200LX and HP Portable Plus versions

I now made public the HP 95/100/200LX and HP Portable Plus versions. There are provided as freeware, without any support from my side.

 emu41lx95   emu41lx00
                HP95LX                                             HP100/200LX

Emu41lx for HP 95/100/200LX machines (without ROM images)

Emu41p for the HP Portable Plus is on my HP Portable Plus Resource page.

Some links

General links about the HP-41C and other old HP calc.

   The Museum of HP Calculators THE reference site!

   HP-Collection Matthias famous HP collection.

   Craig Finseth's HPDATABase

   Programmable Calculators

   Old HP and TI Calculators (Gene Wright)

   HP Calculators (Rick Furr)

   HP-42S site

   LIF disc image files for the HP41, 71 and 75.

   Le site du HP41CX (french)

   Emmanuel's page (french)

   Leo Duran's User-Code Utility a great complement to the HP-41 system and Emu41.

   Emu41gg a gcc port of my Emu41 by Michael Moller.





Emulators and simulators of HP calculators

   HP Calculator Emulators Emulators and simulators

   RPN/RPL Implementations (Craig Finseth)

   The HP-41 Archive Website Warren Furlow's great site with the V41 emulator, as well as many resources

   NutEm , a Coconut (HP41) emulator in ... Fortran, also interesting infos

   HrastProg's page with great emulators (41, 42) for the HP48S/G and HP49G

   Christoph Giesselink's page the famous Emu48, Emu42 and Emu28 emulators

   Eric Smith's page HP Calculator page, and impressive Nonpareil micro-code simulator

   Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam's page with a patch of Nonpareil to support the HP-IL on the HP-41C

   Free42 A high quality (and free) simulation of the HP-42S

Hardware emulations.

Recent hardware developments on HP-41C.

   Diego Diaz's Clonix page HP-41C modules

   Meindert's MLDL2000 page MLDL system with today's technology.

   Systemyde page the 41CL calculator.

   Panamatik page repair kit for HP Woodstock-series calculators (not HP41 related).




J-F Garnier, 2015