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I present here some documents that are not found elsewhere but do not fit in my other pages.

HP-41C Articles:

  Calculator program evaluates EMI from digital systems in Electronic Design, Nov. 1980

  HP-41C generates a pseudorandom sequence in Electronics, May 19, 1981

  Calculator plots time response of inverse Laplace transform in Electronics, July 14, 1981

  Interpolation program runs on HP41 in EDN, Oct. 13, 1983




HP-IL Articles:

  The Hewlett-Packard Interface Loop – HPIL in Byte Magazine, April 1982

  Designer’s Guide To The GPIB/HPIL in Digital Design, June 1982

  A system solution to HP-IL equipment interface , Siliconix Application Note AN83-6, Dec. 1983



Educalc Catalogs

Educalc #49, 1990 (partial, from http://dodin.info/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Ppct.Educalc)
    Note the HP-IL PCMCIA card and the HP-IL card for the Toshiba T1000 (p.50)

Educalc #59, 1993
  Note that there are no more any HP-IL products, except the HP-71B surplus (p.47)

Technical documents

HP9114A firmware description , Hewlett-Packard, May 1984

HP9114A firmware hex file , ROM rev. 09114-15516

Microprocessor implementation of the HP-IL protocol , Mountain Computer, Jan. 1983




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